"Make Life Better"

21 March 2018


We have a motto at the River, it is Make Life Better.

It comes from John 10:10—that Jesus came to give us life super-abundantly.

We want to help Make Life Better for those who are trapped in addiction. Addiction keeps people from experiencing an abundant life.

When Pastor Drew Collins introduced the concept of MAARS, I was highly energized because of the potential for rescuing people from darkness so they could live in the light, filled with joy and hope.

The River Church is the home of the MAARS Ministry because we believe in the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives and change a person’s destiny. Drew and others that are deeply involved with MAARS are there because they have experienced that transforming power for themselves. They have been set free from addiction.

That same power is available to everyone.

God loves everyone and wants them to know His son, Jesus Christ.

We have seen many lives touched by God’s love and miraculous power and that love and grace is available to you.

Please don’t live another day trapped in addiction "alone" without hope. There is hope! We want to help you find the answer to living a super-abundant life.

Press on,


Dr. Bob Swanger, Lead Pastor of the River